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From humble beginnings forged by Mother Nature, Blue Lakes continues to evolve.  Orchards were cultivated by original settlers in the late 1880’s to produce prize winning fruit in the early 1900’s.  Tradition, family, and legacy continue to be cornerstones of this property.  In fact, the family cemetery of I.B. Perrine, founder of Blue Lakes Ranch is located between Hole #8 and Hole #9.  After the passing of Mr. Perrine club formation was established in 1944 with many of the same names found on today’s membership rolls.  Golf began to take shape in the late 1940’s with the design of the first nine holes of golf.  Staying true to these humble roots, the club, slowly, and organically has evolved into a hidden gem of the west.


The mission of Blue Lakes Country Club is to provide an unmatched recreation and social experience to our membership through the best facilities, conditions, programs, and service possible.  Thanks to all those before us we have been handed an amazing property, one we do not take for granted.  The club is ever-changing to meet and exceed the expectations of our members.  In doing so we look forward to the future and welcome the change in times.  Future growth and endeavors will be done sensibly and with a vision to be the premiere member-owned club in the west.  Blue Lakes will be a steward of this land and welcome all those to share in our pursuit of lasting memories with family, friends, and staff.


The founders of Blue Lakes Country Club would break ground on their golf course in 1949.  The original nine-hole design would not only consist of different tee boxes for the front and back nines but several holes with alternate greens.  1978 marked the construction of the second nine holes at the club.  Continually improving and taking advantage of the natural setting in the canyon, a final design was complete.  Over fifty years had passed from the founding of Blue Lakes Country Club to the end of the last major renovations in 1996, giving the golf course its current layout.  To accompany the amazing setting, the property is now home to a stunning and equally challenging championship golf course.

Magic Valley

South-Central Idaho is affectionately known as the “Magic Valley.”  Magic Valley due to the transformation of the land when settlers built irrigation canals and dams on the Snake River “magically” transforming the area into lush and productive farmland.  Agriculture is still the driving industry in this region, led by dairy production, trout farms, hay, corn, and barley.  Although, the area may be better known for something else.  Today BASE jumpers enjoy launching from the Perrine Bridge, while in the 1970’s Evil Knievel tried to jump over the canyon the bridge spans.  Sun Valley is located on the northern end of South-Central Idaho.  One of the many gems of the state, this is the quintessential mountain resort and some of the best skiing in the world.  From the bottom of Snake River Canyon to the top of Mt. Baldy and ice caves in between, the Magic Valley is home to it all!

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